Blind tennis history

Blind Tennis (tennis for the blind and visually impaired people) is a relatively new sport. Born in Japan, in Kawagoe in 1984 and it was originally created by Mr. Miyoshi Takei. He was a blind student who wanted to play tennis, and along with his physical education teacher they tried to adapt this sport.

The first challenge was to create a suitable ball, with sound, which could be located by a player with visual impairment and calculate its trajectory on the court. The height of the bounce and its speed were also two important qualities for ball creation. After testing different materials the most optimal choice was definitely a foam ball. Thus the official ball was born, a big step to develop a new sport that have become a reality in October 1990, with the celebration of the first tournament. Quickly it spreads throughout the country and beyond its borders.

In 2011 Mr. Takei passed away, victim of a train accident. He would have liked to see how the sport has developed expands to many countries worldwide and originates international championships.

Since 2005, Blind Tennis has had its greatest international expansion, with the addition of many countries to this sport.

In fact, during 2013 Blind Tennis had a great evolution and finally its international launch was completed in February 2014 with the creation of the International Blind Tennis Association (IBTA), which now regulates the sport and aims to spread it around the world.

In this first Congress the rules were unified for all countries that practice the sport, leading to the appearance of international regulations.

In September 2015 the 2nd International Congress took place in Italy, where the Executive Committee of I.B.T.A. was established, which is responsible for the organization, coordination, promotion and dissemination of Blind Tennis in the world.

Currently, Blind Tennis is played in more than 30 countries on 5 continents, with the main objective to continue the expansion of the sport and to meet the requirements to become a Paralympic Sport.

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