1. – NAME 

The name of the Association shall be the “INTERNATIONAL BLIND TENNIS ASSOCIATION” (“the Association”).

 2. – OBJECTS 

The objects of the Association shall be to:

2.1. – Advance, encourage, promote, co-ordinate and control tennis activities for Blind and Vision Impaired players including, but not limited to:

(i) Developing the Rules of Tennis, as developed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), as they specifically apply to the game of Blind Tennis;

(ii) Ensuring that the necessary anti-doping regulations and anti-corruption regulations are applied, as appropriate, the game of Blind Tennis;

(iii) Defining and regularly review the sight classification and testing regulations;

(iv) Encouraging the development of best practice coaching techniques for blind and vision impaired players;

(v) Encouraging the development of consistent and high quality specialist equipment for Blind Tennis; and

(vi) Encouraging the development of the growth of the game in countries around the world.

2.2. – Liaise with other sporting organisations.

2.3. – Seek recognition of the game of Blind Tennis from the ITF.

2.4. – Work towards the involvement of Blind Tennis within the paralympic movement.

2.5. – Stage World Championships at least every four (4) years .

2.6. – Sanction international events conducted between Members (defined in Clause 3 below).

2.7. – Provide such assistance and advice to Members that may be appropriate.

2.8. – Protect and advance mutual interests of Blind and Vision Impaired tennis players.

2.9. – Indemnify, so far as the Law shall reasonably allow, any Member or officer of the Association in respect of any action taken or to be taken on liability incurred or to be incurred by such officer or Member in any matter which will benefit the Association provided that such officer or Member has acted or will be acting with the full approval of the Executive Committee and is not otherwise acting unlawfully or in breach of  their duties to the Association.

2.10. – Do all things necessary to further the game of Tennis for Blind and Vision Impaired players and generally to do all such acts and things which may appear to be directly or indirectly incidental or conducive with the attainment of furtherance of the above objects or any of them.


(a) “FINANCIAL YEAR” shall be from [1 January to 31 December].

(b) “MEMBER” shall mean any organisation affiliated with Association in accordance with clause 6 below.


The registered office of the Association shall be as determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.


The Association shall consist of affiliated countries where Blind Tennis for the blind and vision impaired players is played.


6.1. – In a country, where Blind Tennis for blind and vision impaired players is played, any one of the following national organisations may apply for membership of the Association:

i. National Tennis Federation;

ii. National Blind Sporting Association;

iii. National Paralympic Council; and

iv. National organisation for blind and vision impaired people.

6.2. – Such application shall be in writing, addressed to the secretary of the Association, and shall contain all relevant details of the organisation making application for membership in order to evidence compliance with the criteria of membership, such criteria which shall be developed and amended from time to time by the Executive Committee to be approved by the members at a General Meeting.

6.3. – The Secretary shall advise each Member and each officer of Executive Committee in writing of an application for membership (C) within a week after receipt of application.  Members shall have a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the aforementioned communication to consider each application and provide its view to the Executive Committee.  After the 30th day the Executive Committee shall determine membership, taking in to consideration any response that may have been received by the Executive Committee from Members.

6.4. – The Secretary shall advise such organisation of the outcome of their application for membership within 14 days after decision by Executive Committee of such application.


7.1. – Any Member may resign from membership by giving written notice to the secretary.

7.2. – The Member resigning shall be liable for any outstanding subscriptions or dues owed to the Association.

7.3. – The resignation will be recorded by the Secretary and all member countries notified of the resignation within fourteen (14) days of it being received by the secretary.

7.4. – To suspend and expel a member (pending approval).


The levels of subscriptions to be paid by Members shall be determined at a General Meeting and shall be payable by 30 April in each calendar year.  To participate in General Meetings a Member must have paid the subscription for the all previous years of its Membership of the Association and the relevant Financial Year of the meeting.


9.1. – The membership of the Committee shall consist of the following officers:

(i) President;

(ii) Secretary;

(iii) Head of Finance;

(iv) Head of Public Relations & Marketing;

(v) Head of Technical Area; and

(vi) Head of Medical Research and Development.

9.2. – The Committee shall have the power to:

(a) Conduct the day to day management of the association including, but not limited to:

(i) Defining the policies and procedures of the Association in all matters affecting the control and management of the game of Blind Tennis for blind and vision impaired players; and

(ii) Dealing with the financial matters of the Association.

(b) Recommend any amendments to this Constitution to the General Meeting, which shall have the power to approve such changes.

(c) Recommend any amendments to the Rule of Blind Tennis changes or amendments to the code of classification for Blind Tennis to the General Meeting, which shall have the power to approve such changes; and

(d) Co-opt one (1) member to the Committee for a maximum of one year, if deemed necessary.

9.3. – The Committee may delegate any of its powers or functions to a sub-committee(s).

9.4. – The officers of the Committee shall be elected at a General Meeting and shall hold office for up to a maximum of two (2) two (2) year consecutive terms and a officer of the Committee that has held two (2) terms may not be reappointed until a further [four (4)] years have elapsed.

9.5. – Any nominee, not elected to the office for which first nominated, shall be eligible to be nominated for an alternative position.

9.6. – No Member may have more than one (1) officer that the Member has nominated elected onto the  Committee at any one time.

9.7. – In the event of a casual vacancy on the Committee, the Committee may fill the position and the person shall remain in office until the next General Meeting at which point he or she shall be eligible for election to the relevant office at that General Meeting.

9.8. – The costs of an officer to attend a general meeting should be covered by the relevant nominating Member.


10.1. – Elections for all positions on Committee shall take place at the General Meeting as provided for in Clause 10.3 below.

10.2. – Nominations for all positions shall be in writing.  The nomination form shall be signed by the nominee, proposer and seconder.  The proposer and seconder must be officers of a Member.  Electronic nomination forms will be accepted.

10.3 . – Nomination forms are to be circulated to all Members at least twelve (12) weeks prior to the General Meeting and the Secretary shall be receipt of nominations at least eight (8) weeks prior to the General Meeting.

10.4. – A list of nominations, together with curriculum vitae, shall be forwarded to the Members six (6) weeks prior to the General Meeting.

10.5. – If two (2) or more nominations are received for any one (1) position, then a secret ballot shall be held.

10.6. – If insufficient nominations are received by the closing date, the vacant positions may be filled by calling for nominations from the floor at the General Meeting.

10.7. – The incoming Committee shall assume office at the conclusion of the General Meeting.


11.1. – The Executive Committee shall meet when and as required and as requested by the President or by at least two (2) members of the Executive Committee.

11.2. – The quorum for such Executive committee meetings shall be four [4] people.

11.3. – Executive Committee meetings may be held via any electronic media.


12.1. – The Members at the General Meeting may appoint and remove any individual(s) as patron(s), president(s), life president(s) and vice-president(s) of the Association on such terms as they shall think fit.

12.2. – A patron, president, life president or vice-president shall have the right to be given notice of, to attend and speak (but not vote) at any general meeting of the Association and shall also have the right to receive accounts of the Association when available to Members.


13.1. – The General Meeting of the Association shall be held at least every two years and notice of not less than sixteen (16) weeks shall be given in writing by the Secretary to all Members of the date, time and venue of the General Meeting.

13.2. – Any proposed changes to the Constitution shall require a minimum of eight (8) weeks’ notice in writing to Member.

13.3. – Notification of changes adopted at the General Meeting shall be circulated to all Members with twenty one (21) days of the meeting and shall take effect thirty (30) days after the meeting.

13.4. – The quorum for such General Meeting shall be two-thirds of the eligible votes.

13.5. – All Member Countries taking part in the General Meeting shall have paid the relevant subscription in accordance with clause 8 above.

13.6. – No proxy vote shall be allowed.

13.7. – Each member country shall be entitled to one (1) vote.  In the event of an equal number of votes, the President shall have a casting vote, except in the case of an election when a re – ballot shall be held.

13.8. – The ordinary business of the meeting shall be:

(a) to receive and confirm the Minutes of the previous General Meeting. (C) Two years after it’s been held? I’d rather do that by electronic vote within three months after the meeting.

(b) to receive the following Reports:

(i) President’s Report

(ii) Financial Report including the accounts of the Association for the relevant Financial Year

(iii) Reports from Member Countries

(iv) Sub-Committee Reports.

(c) to elect the Executive Committee for the forthcoming term.

(d) to determine the Members’ subscriptions.

(e) to determine the venue for the next World Championships.

(f) AOB?? Items suggested by members?]

13.9. – All communications and actions must be inclusive and accessible.


A suitably qualified person or firm, not a member of the Association or its Member Countries, shall be appointed as Auditor at the General Meeting.


The Constitution of the Association shall not be altered except by a 75% majority of votes cast at a General Meeting.


In all events conducted by the Association, games shall be played under Rules of the Blind Tennis approved by a General Meeting.


The Code of Classification shall be as approved by the General Meeting.


In the event of the Association being wound up for any reason whatsoever, the funds, after sale of assets and payment of debts, liabilities and costs incurred in winding up the Association, shall be distributed amongst Members or other Organisations as determined by [insert].



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